Few words about us
It all began when Elias Denezis, originally from Karya Argolida, started in 1977 in the blessed place of Ancient Nemea by the god Dionysus, to produce and market mainly must with the meager technological means of the time. Obtaining four children, the Denezis family is dedicated to grape cultivation and invests in machinery such as the unforgettable hydraulic pressing machine (tsipouria) and on land that would host its vineyards. The experience of the grape producer puts the foundation for the winemaker’s success at the Athens market, in particular, has been a good ground for selling wine successfully, with profits translating into larger and better investments. With the aging of Nikolaos Denezis, the continuation of this highly demanding commitment and tradition, the Denezis family, with fast but steady steps, is developing its wine-making activity by introducing new varieties of grapes into newly-acquired vineyards and raising the tons of wine it produces. Thus, in 2006, a new building is now being built which houses all the wine-making activities, and since 2010, when the bottling number was acquired, it also houses the bottling plant. Today, the Denezis winery, with Nikolaos Denezis as a guide, owns more or less 19 hectares of vineyard in Ancient Nemea, in the area where Agiorgitiko is cultivated, from which the famous PDO Nemea wine is produced, but also in the area of Agios Vasilios Corinthia. The wine storage capacity of the winery amounts to 450 tonnes in tanks made of stainless steel equipped with cooling mantles and connected to a refrigeration machine capable of suppressing the temperatures which are hazardous to the aroma and yeast attainable during the fermentation period. Our serious commitment to our products and our customers makes us a peaceful force in the field, which builds day by day a good name worthy of our efforts. Our goal is to make Denezis Wines synonymous with a consistent quality of service for customer friends.