Rose wine Agiorgitiko
Red wine Agiorgitiko

Agiorgitiko is a variety of Protected Designation of Origin ("PDO") "Nemea" which, depending on the composition of the soil, the altitude and the methods of cultivation and winemaking can lead to the creation of a wide range of types of wines of exceptional quality . Our rosé, 100% of Agiorgitiko variety, accompanies comfortably pasta with cheeses, grilled and cooked meats. Suggested serving temperature 10-12⁰C.

* We always have the opportunity to provide το our customers our products in 5 liter PET packaging as well as 5, 10 and 20 liter wine in bag in box packaging. Bag in box packaging is ideal to preserve the wine after it is opened while at the same time it is particularly user-friendly for the consumer. Ideal for catering professionals.